Custom software development services
for web and mobile devices.

Who we are

We are a small software company established in 2016 in Romania. We create interactive, responsive graphical user interfaces (UI) in web apps from design to functional part. These apps are usually connected to some APIs served by some backend systems. We can provide simple APIs systems and integrate them with the UI. Last, but not least, levereging the know-how from developing web apps we can create simple mobile apps too.


What you get

Web design

Create, edit and implement web design for websites and web apps, regardless of the stage of the project


Present your business in a beautiful, modern and fast website

Landing pages

Create the perfect landing page for your product or service

Web apps

Create complex web apps using modern web technologies

Mobile apps

Create mobile apps from an existing web codebase

Email marketing

Create, edit and implement newsletter design using web technologies

Quality assurance

Create and run automated tests for your web software product


Maintain your software on your infrastructure, if it is a website or web app, get in touch to get more details.

What to expect

IT Boutique

Being a small company, communication will be faster, simple and straight to the subject in order to see if our services can help you

Quality Assurance

We emphasize the quality of the services offered, follow industry standards and test the code before it is delivered. You also have the opportunity to provide feedback to the execution and request changes.

Design and implement

Both design and software development services, if contracted separately, can put pressure on the budget. If they are under the same umbrella, the pressure on the budget is reduced and at the same time you have the guarantee that the design can be implemented

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Some of our clients

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